Riffin' Griffin Bio

Riffin' Griffin is a family-oriented rock band that focuses on cultivating kids' love for music. It was founded by Jesse Norell, a musician, songwriter, guitar teacher, father, and advocate from Minneapolis, MN. 

Riffin' Griffin songs are inspired by catchy, power-pop bands like Weezer and riff-heavy bands like Muse, with the fun, silly, educational lyrical content of Sesame Street. Like a good animated film, Riffin' Griffin strives to create something that kids and adults can enjoy together.

Jesse plays solo shows and with a four-piece live band. In either case, Riffin' Griffin is an energetic, engaging, concert experience fueled by audience participation. By the end of each show, kids can't help but sing, yell, clap and dance along! Jesse hopes to inspire kids to love music as much as he does and fuel their imaginations and creativity. 

In 2022 Jesse released a story-driven solo album called "Aorta Borealis," about his daughter (born with Down syndrome and a serious heart defect) who overcame heart surgeries with the help of Children's Hospital, MN. Aorta Borealis was featured on WCCO4 News, Fox9 News, and Good Morning America (see jessenorell.com/video).

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